Ecosystem Days 2022

San Francisco, CA
September 28, 2022
8:00 am

Featured Speakers

Aditya Agarwal

Partner-in-residence, South Park Commons

Adrian Locher

Co-founder and CEO, Merantix

Alastair Goldfisher

Communications, Transpose Platform

Alex Bangash

Co-founder, Transpose Platform

Alex Haro

Founder & CEO of Hubble Network and Founder & Chairman of Life360

Anton Orlich

Executive Director, Kaiser Permanente

Ashley Acosta

Founder, Maca

Ben Borodach

Co-founder and CEO, April Tax

Ben Milne

Co-founder and CEO, Brale

Brian Neale

CIO, University of Nebraska Foundation

Brian O'Neil

Former CIO, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Chester Ng

General Parnet, Atomic

D. Sivakumar

Co-founder, Tonita

Edith Harbaugh

Co-founder and CEO, LaunchDarkly

Eli Broverman

Founder, Betterment

Fred Greear

CIO, Carilion Clinic

Garry Tan

CEO, Y Combinator

Ian Lee

Founder and CEO, Syndicate

Idan Beck

Co-founder and CEO, Epoch

Janette Wiget

CFO, Merantix

Jeff Cruttenden

Founder, Acorn and Say

Jeremy Kranz

Managing Partner, Sentinel Global

John Kim

Co-founder and CEO, Sendbird

Jesse Robbins

General Partner, Heavybit

Jonas Muff

Founder, Vara

K.C. Krieger

CIO, Broad Family Office and Broad Foundations

Luis Vera

CEO, Zippedi

Muthu Muthiah

CIO, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Narinder Singh

Co-founder and CEO, LookDeep Health

Nikki Pechet

Co-founder and CEO, Homebound

Nikos Liodakis

VP of Investments, Transpose Platform

Paul Willard

Co-founder, Grep VC

Phineas Barnes

Co-founder, Sneakerhead

Prabhu Palani

CIO, City of San Jose Retirement System

Rabi Alam

Founder, Counter

Rashik Adhikari

Founder and CEO, Renegade Insurance

Romain Lapeyre

Co-founder and CEO, Gorgias

Sarah Kunst

Managing Partner, Cleo Capital

Shashank P.S.

CEO, CasaOne

Sid Kosaraju

SVP & GM, Change Healthcare

Sid Viswanathan

Co-founder and CEO, Truepill

Stuart Mason

Former CIO, University of Minnesota

Sumon Sadhu

Investment Partner, Transpose Platform

Suruchi Gupta

Founder and CEO, GIANT Protocol

Tina Surh

CIO and Founder, Sonamu Group

Trang Nguyen

Co-Founder, Transpose Platform

Trent Harvey

Co-founder and CEO, Covie

Vinay Jain

Co-founder, Sesame Labs

Xavier Legros

Founder, Fund Cogito

Participating Organizations