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Transpose Platform is a global formation stage venture capital firm partnering with exceptional founders throughout their journey on Day 0.

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Our Approach

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Partners to Founders

We understand that founders are much more than just a startup; they create the future of what's possible and are friends and mentors to the next generation of what has yet to be, pushing the envelope of innovation. As such, we cherish the opportunity to build deep, lasting relationships with them from the very beginning of their entrepreneurial journey, often supporting them at the formation of their next breakthrough venture. Over time, these founders become more than partners to us; they become family.

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Think Different & Dream Big

We think big so our founders can dream even bigger.  As thought leaders in venture models and structures, we often encounter founders whose ambition is to be a big fish in a small pond—but that’s not in our DNA. We prefer to take garage projects and turn them into Silicon Valley sensations and promising startups to publicly traded blue chips. Most investment approaches resemble hunting, where the focus is on quickly identifying and capturing the "hot" opportunities. In contrast, Transpose takes a farming approach, where we cultivate and nurture the most promising ideas and founders. By providing consistent support and resources, we help them grow and develop over time to build category defining platforms.  This long-term commitment allows us to build and fund the boldest platform funds and companies.

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Stewards to Limited Partners

At the end of the day, we are nothing without our limited partners. We lead with strong conviction in our founders to tailor personalized investment products for foundations, endowments, pension funds, and insurance companies. These products are designed to provide access to unique opportunities across various regions, industries, and stages of business growth — from Pre-Seed to Series X to Growth — and even in secondary markets, as well as in established venture firms and funds that represent the future of venture capital.


Industries We Invest In


Driving efficiency, automation, and decision-making across sectors with machine intelligence.


Advancing a more secure and decentralized future.

Quantum Computing

Unlocking computational power to solve complex, high-value problems.


Founder Testimonials

Alice Bentinck

CEO & Co-Founder of Entrepreneur First

"We have been so lucky to partner with Alex and Trang from so early on in EF's journey.

They gave us the most precious resource - belief. They believed in us when everyone else thought we were crazy. They are some of the most well connected people in tech and are immensely generous with their network, time and energy. I feel so lucky to get to work so closely with them and would highly recommend them to other founders and GPs. Trang and Alex's advice and strategic guidance has been invaluable. In particular, helping us think through the challenges and opportunities of entering different countries and then opening up their networks to make it as easy as possible for us. We are so grateful for their support that has constantly pushed us forward."

Garry Tan

CEO of Y Combinator

"Transpose Platform Fund is the Y Combinator for Funds.

The Youtube thumbnail algo game forces me to put that thumb out, but the frank reality is I was just one small part of the whole. Investment is insane leverage. Wouldn't be in that seat without @paulg @jesslivingston @harjtagger @alexisohanian @alexbangash. Haha I bought Bitcoin too. But I had just paid off my credit card debt for the year before and was still broke. I had just become a partner at YC. A fund of funds manager @AlexBangash put me in business for our Initialized Fund 1. So I wish I had bought more Bitcoin. But I did buy.”

Gokul Rajaram

CEO of Caviar, Former Executive Member of Google, Square, Doordash

“I mean every word. Alex and Trang are the best partners we could have asked for.

Their advice, network and introductions have been massively helpful in helping us raise our fund. They are available and always willing to spend time with us to help us navigate the twists and turns we invariably encounter - they have seen it all over decades, and their candid feedback is worth its weight in gold. We cannot recommend them strongly enough.”

Alex Haro

Co-Founder & Chairman of Hubble Networks and Founder & Chairman of Life360 (ASX)

"A lot of benefits of the Transpose Program...

“have been having access to people that really built interesting tools, John with Sendbird, Chris with LogDNA, Sumon with UI Flow. These are all operators that have built businesses and have expertise, really making that investment into a founder and supporting them through the journey. Alex and Trang are some of our most supportive investors. The Transpose team has an amazingly deep network of LPs and connections across many different industries. Having them has been instrumental in finding some of our earliest pilot customers. We would highly recommend anyone considering Transpose to add them to your team."

Pushkar Mukewar

Founder & CEO of Drip Capital

"I have had the pleasure of working with Alex and Trang since 2019.

They are the kind of investors every founder should have on their cap table. They are super supportive and committed, and will work with you through good and bad times. They are also very well connected, and will go out of their way to help you in whatever way they can."

Matt Clifford

Co-Founder of EF Global & ARIA's Chairman

“Alex, Trang and Transpose Platform team have been absolutely instrumental in Entrepreneur First’s journey.

We could not ask for a more thoughtful, collaborative and ambitious anchor LP. The Transpose team goes above and beyond time and time; we’re lucky to have them as such a close partner.”

Jason Lemkin

Founder of SaaStr

“Special thank you to Transpose Platform and Alex Bangash. First in, biggest champion, great friend. No Alex, No Fund.”

Nikki Pechet

Co-Founder & CEO of Homebound

"We met Alex and Trang and immediately thought that they would be a fantastic fit, and so we’ve been working with them round after round and they’ve been incredible supporters."

Kai Stinchcombe

Co-Founder & CEO of Truelink

"The thing about Transpose is that there is a very genuine relationship that is built, you’re with someone for the whole generation, and it is obvious that you care and really want to support them."

Jack Abraham

Co-Founder of Milo, Hims, Atomic, Homebound, Bungalow

"Transpose Platform Fund has been among our favorite LPs to partner with at Atomic.

In addition to being hyper connected across the globe to top institutional LP's, Alex and Trang see trends before anyone else and are a truly valued thought partner as we continue innovating on, evolving and enhancing our unique venture studio model."

Zain Hussein

Co-Founder of Trident AI

"Transpose's investment has played a pivotal role in our growth.

Building a fintech is expensive, and requires a ton of engineering resources. We received a lot of traction early on and began onboarding fintechs for our pilot, but quick and secure integrations required heavy engineering resources. With Transpose's investment we we were able to move fast in hiring, maintain momentum in serving customers, and focus primarily on building a product. Without the investment, we would have undoubtedly found it difficult to grow as fast as we are, and are incredibly grateful for their support!"

Shashank P.S.

Co-Founder & CEO of CasaOne

"The unique thing about Transpose is the fact that they bring a very wide network and a long time partner.

They helped us even before I started the company, was something that I truly truly cherished."

Chester Ng

Partner of Atomic, Co-Founder of Sweetlab, Serial Entrepreneur, took companies public

"Transpose Platform Fund has been incredible partners to Atomic over multiple years and funds.

Alex, Trang, and the team are bold, collaborative, creative, innovative, and thoughtful - exactly what we look for from a top LP, but also perfectly aligned with what we aspire to be as GP's. Their strong relationships with institutional LP's and the broad community they've built of top LP's and GP's are immensely valuable, especially to emerging managers. Behind the scenes, they have been so helpful to us from the early days of Atomic and a big part of our success and scale."

Michael Fertik

Founder and CEO of Reputation

“Alex, Trang, and Transpose are the best in the business. They are intelligent, innovative, insightful, and helpful. If I could clone them, I would!”

Disclosures: Transpose did not provide any cash or non-cash compensation to the individuals who provided the above endorsements. However, it should be noted that the individuals are involved with portfolio companies that are held or have been held in certain funds managed by Transpose. As such, this potentially creates the appearance of a conflict of interest. It is important to note that not all investors, clients, partners or portfolio companies in which Transpose invests may share a similar experience to the one described in this endorsement.